Linda Raffel, Los Angeles
“I’m getting $196 worth of health insurance for $854.”   I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and now live in the Miracle Mile area. In 2004 I was paying $196 a month for the individual PPO plan that I’ve had for many years. Now, my rate is $854 a month, which means that in the last ten years my premium has more than...
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SANTA MONICA, CA – Kaiser’s announcement of a 40 percent increase in profits to $2.1 billion for the first half of this year is the latest in a string of hefty health insurer profit reports that illustrate why Proposition 45’s protections against price gouging are desperately needed, said Consumer Watchdog today. Proposition 45...
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Santa Monica, CA – Health insurance premiums for California families rose 153% since 2002, more than five times the 29% increase in the rate of inflation, according to a new survey released Wednesday. “A 153% increase in health insurance premiums in just 10 years is unbearable and the fact that premiums have risen five times the rate...
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Proposed increases of more than 10% in small-business health insurance rates that are going into effect in July or August have drawn scrutiny from state regulators. Some California health insurers are proposing to raise small-business rates more than 10% next month, drawing scrutiny from state regulators. Aetna Inc., which drew the ire of state...
Health insurance companies - including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Kaiser, Health Net and United HealthCare - are raising rates by double digits AGAIN. The difference this time is that we can make them pay us back with a refund! Please watch this one minute video and join us in getting a refund of our excessive premium dollars.
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Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog said today that a one-minute radio advertisement released by health insurance companies opposed to Prop 45's health insurance rate regulation provisions fraudulently misrepresents the advertisement’s backers, the ballot measure, and the current state of the law governing regulation of health...
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Santa Monica, CA - TV stations in a dozen California markets skipped coverage of consumer friendly Propositions 45 and 46, despite the fact that $100 million from insurance companies flooded stations with advertising revenue. The ballot measures hold insurance companies and dangerous doctors they insure accountable. “TV stations have been...
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Santa Monica, CA --- Consumer Watchdog Campaign today announced that advertising has begun for Yes on Proposition 45, which would give the elected insurance commissioner power to veto excessive health insurance rates. The David v Goliath campaign has been outspent by insurance companies by more than 25 to 1.   The Yes On Prop 45 advertising...
Jamie Court debates the need for Prop 45 Health Insurance rate regulation on KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles.
Jamie Court sits down with the FOX 11 News team to discuss the ways in which California and the nation could be affected by the review of the constitutionality of the federal health care law by the Supreme Court.