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By Thomas Hartman, BEST WIRE
WASHINGTON -- Advocates and opponents of California's Proposition 103 are debating whether it has helped consumers 25 years after its passage. Some say the debate is being used to sway voters who will determine whether measures similar to Proposition 103 should be applied to health insurance in the state this fall. Passed in 1988, the...
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Santa Monica, CA – Leaders of California's health insurance marketplace today voted to block a reprieve on health insurance cancellations proposed by President Obama last week and to allow health insurance companies to hike rates on 50% of cancelled Californians. The move shows the need for regulation of health insurance prices in...
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Washington, DC and Santa Monica, CA – Blue Shield of California will impose an unreasonable rate hike as high as 19.9% on 268,000 Californians because the state’s insurance commissioner does not have the power to reject unjustified health insurance premiums. Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Jan Schakowsky introduced...
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California health insurers are proposing double-digit rate increases for hundreds of thousands of policyholders, drawing criticism that health insurers are padding their profits as the nation prepares to carry out the federal health care law. Anthem Blue Cross, the state's largest for-profit health insurer, wants to raise rates an...