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News Story
Kenny Goldberg, KPBS
CALIFORNIA — More than 500,000 Californians with Anthem Blue Cross are facing a big rate hike. The state's biggest for-profit health insurer wants to raise premiums an average of 18 percent in February. The proposed rate hikes will affect people who have individual policies with Anthem Blue Cross. Some will see their premiums go up by...
News Release
CONTACT Carmen Balber, 310 392-0522 ext. 308; or Jamie Court, 310 392-0522 ext. 327
Santa Monica and San Francisco --- Consumer advocates and patients facing May 1 rate increases delivered a blank check to health insurance companies representing the hundreds of millions more that one million Californians will pay for their insurance, today in Santa Monica and outside Anthem’s San Francisco offices. They called on voters to...
Blog Post
Laurel Kaufer
My name is Laurel Kaufer and I’m a Consumer Watchdog member. I am also one of the one million Californians who will be hit with a health insurance rate hike on May 1st. Are you one of the May Million facing rate hikes of up to 20%? As a self-employed, single mom, I’ve struggled for more than a decade to balance the cost of health...