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Prop 45 Supporter Tool Kit

Help make sure Proposition 45 is approved by voters on November 4 so we can stop health insurance companies from raising rates at will. The health insurance industry has put over $25 million into the campaign against Prop 45.
But they have pushed Californians too far! Working together we can organize the millions of Californians who have suffered unfair insurance prices and pass Prop 45. Working together we will stop these abuses and make health insurance more affordable.
Use the Prop 45 Supporter Tool Kit,  to organize and educate your friends, neighbors, community organizations, political clubs and groups you are a part of to support the Prop 45 campaign. It can be downloaded by clicking hereThe Prop 45 Tool Kit includes:
  • Fact sheet
  • Fact sheet for small businesses
  • Fact sheet for working people
  • Fact sheet on how Prop 45 helps achieve the goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Chart that shows how Prop 45 provides the missing pieces to the ACA
  • Endorsement form 
  • Sample Resolution for your group to pass in support of Prop 45
  • List of health insurers who have given millions against Prop 45
Working together we will pass Prop 45 and win control over health insurance prices.