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Rate Regulation:

Californians are being hammered by health insurance rate increases far in excess of medical inflation, even as workers’ pay has been flat or declining for a decade. 35 states require health insurance companies to publicly justify rate increases and get approval before they take effect. But not in California. Even if the insurance commissioner finds that a health insurer’s rate increase is excessive, he has no authority to stop it. The result is that California has more people without health insurance – 6.9 million – than any other state in the country. <Read More>



Public Participation:

How do we know if health insurance rates are fair when insurance companies are allowed to set prices behind closed doors with no accountability? The Insurance Rate Public Justification and Accountability Act brings insurance pricing into the light of day. <Read More>



Fair Pricing:

Auto, home and health insurance are mandatory for Californians due to economic necessity or the force of law. Economics demand we have health insurance because a medical emergency could occur at any time. By 2014 federal law will also mandate individuals have health coverage. Auto insurance is required by law for anyone who chooses to drive. Homeowner’s insurance is compulsory in order to get a mortgage to purchase a home. Because auto, home and health insurance are mandatory, the government has an obligation to guarantee that the insurance is affordable, available, competitive and fair. <Read More>